The query below shows how to join the BizTalk Receive Port and Receive Location, along with the Application Name.

select app.nvcName,
       rp.nvcName as ReceivePort, 
       rl.Name as ReceiveLocation,
  from bts_receiveport rp 
inner join adm_ReceiveLocation rl on rl.ReceivePortId = rp.nID 
inner join bts_application app on rp.nApplicationID = app.nID 
--where InboundTransportURL like '%test%'
order by rl.Name 

Remember that in BizTalk, one receive port can have many receive locations.
Reasons for doing that is that each receive location can have a different disk directory, file mask, and/or different pipeline.

Mapping is done at the Receive Port level, so all Receive Locations will have the same mapping.

A SendPort is often subscribed to a ReceivePort. It is not possible to filter or subscribe to a ReceiveLocation.