Notes from AWS re:Invent Live Stream -Werner Vogels – Nov 30, 2017

AWS re:invent Live Stream – Werner Keynote 11/30/2017 Werner Vogels is VP and CTO of Amazon (AWS). Egalitarian Platform – everyone has access to the same storage, analytics, algorithms, etc… What sets a company aside is the quality of the data they have. G.E. – You go to bed as a manufacturing company, and you […]

AWS re:invent 2017 – Notes from LiveStream – Key Note by Andy Jassy

re:invent 2017 – AWS Conference – Live Stream Notes – 11/29/2017 “The Cloud is the New Normal” – Andy Jassy – CEO Amazon Web Services 10:17 Expedia CEO – Expedia – 22,000 employees and and ?? billion in sales Most global diversified travel platform in the world. 55 million phone calls/year Started as a small […]

Testing SSML on Alexa vs Google Home/DialogFlow

Both Alexa and the Google Home device support Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). For Alexa – see this SSML documentation, and for Google Home/DialogFlow, see this SSML documentation. SSML was created by the W3C’s Voice Browser working group. Even though the Alexa doc says you need to wrap the SSML in the <speech> tag, I […]

On Cpanel/WordPress/PHP Site – Keep Directory Listing from occuring

Suppose someone knows a folder name, and tries to list a folder on your site to find out what’s inside of it. Without any protection, it might display like this in the browser: Now, let’s assume that you don’t want people snooping around in this folder, and trying to run the various PHP programs or […]

Online web-based viewer (and editor) for MD (markdown files)

Today, with the popularity of GitHub, many people are using MarkDown files to create their documentation. While there are plug-ins for Chrome I have yet to try, I found this cool site today: Left side is where you paste the .md contents, right side is the formatted results:   Doesn’t that look a lot […]

Simple Example Python Update SQL Database from CSV with pypyodbc

I sometime post my own code here so I can find an example I like in the future, rather than having to search the web. So there’s nothing extraordinary with the program below, just a good example of how to do SQL Server update commands using pypyodbc from Python. It’s using a relation database (RDS) […]

Python Module Not Found (different versions of Python)

There can be many reasons for the python error “module not found”. In my case, I had a laptop with 2.7 and 3.6 both installed.? ?My windows path contained the 2.7 release, but I was running the 3.6 release.? So when I ran from the command line by just typing in “python” it worked.? […]