Email a list of new files (Powershell)

My goal here was to send myself an email of all new files received from vendors. This is assuming the files are not picked up and processed by BizTalk automatically. If that were the case, you might be able to point the folders to your archive directories and still achieve the same results. In my […]

Powershell – get new files, i.e. files less than x day old

How to get files created in the most recent x days. <pre> $days = -3 $folderMask = "c:\BizTalk\Vendors\*\AS2FilesReceived\*.*" $files = Get-ChildItem -Path $folderMask -File | Where-Object {$_.CreationTime -gt (Get-Date).AddDays($days)} | Sort-Object FullName Write-Host "Number of New AS2 Files = $($files.Count)" </pre>

Valid or Convert Ethereum Address to CheckSum Format in NodeJS

First run npm to install js-sha3 (See GitHub This example show how to do it without using web3 library, in case you don’t have an ETH node to connect to, or can’t get the library working. npm install js-sha3 Subroutines below come from either agove GitHub or

Powershell Format Date/Time for Display and for FileName

The following is code I copy and paste a lot into my various Powershell prorams. The commented out line creates a backup zip file, so I like to have the file name with the date/time in it. $fmtDateTime = $(get-date -f "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss") Write-Host "Start Time: $fmtDateTime" $fileDateTime = $(get-date -f "MM_dd_yyyy__HH_mm_ss") Write-Host "File DateTime: […]

Oracle: Query table names and column names

Use the queries to find database tables for an owner (namespace/schema), tables containing certain phrases, all columns in a table, or column containing a certain phrase. <pre> — All tables for an owner (prefix before table name) SELECT owner, table_name FROM all_tables where owner = 'PO'; — Find table names SELECT owner, table_name FROM all_tables […]