SQL XREF BizTalk SendPorts to ReceivePorts (using Filter)

Suppose you walk into a new company, they don’t have documentation, and they use a lot of content-based routing. The first thing I do is usually draw a Visio diagram. There never really been one widely adopted standard for how to draw such diagrams. The secret is to pack the most useful information that you […]

Is BizTalk the New COBOL?

Yes, I admit it, I was a mainframe developer and DBA for the first 20 years of my career. I did a lot of COBOL, then moved into IDMS database adminstration. But after the Y2K (year 2000 date “fix” projects), I moved into the world of Microsoft, first as a trainer, but then I narrowed […]

Storing BizTalk Orchestration Config and Parameters in SSO

I have pretty much standardized on SSO as a resource for getting parameters and values for Orchestrations.  I started doing this with the BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF). Recently, I was at a client who chose not to use BTDF, but we still needed a way to store and retrieve values from SSO. So here’s what […]

Dallas TX BizTalk Consultant (in Irving/Las Colinas)

Neal Walters is a BizTalk Architect with over 14 years BizTalk experience in Dallas, Texas (or more specifically Irving/Las Colinas). Beyond that Neal has over 30 years experience in the I.T., starting with Fortran in college and COBOL on his first job. He was an IDMS database developer and database administrator for most of his […]