Odd Error Trying to Start a Simple SendPort

When I treid to start a project, several SendPorts would not start.  When I tried to start each one manually, some of them were giving this misleading error in the EventLog. Unable to communicate with MessageBox BizTalkMsgBoxDb on SQL Instance DAL-BIZ-APP01. Error Code: 0x8004d00e. Possible reasons include: 1) The MessageBox is unavailable. 2) The network […]

BizTalk Rounding in Map with Custom MapHelper Class/Function

The BizTalk roundingfunctoid uses “Banker’s rounding” by default. That means if you have odd numbers round away from zero, and even numbers round towards zero. For example, 1.5 rounds to 2, and 2.5 rounds to 2. This is the a “fair” way of rounding, so that neither party in a business transaction benefits. I’m currently […]

“Unknown Error Description” with Dynamic FTP

Error A message sent to adapter "BiztalkMessagingEngine" on send port "XX.FMA.Extract_1.0.0.0_XX.FMA.Extract.SendExtract_DynamicFTP_f136abb33540170c" with URI "" is suspended. Error details: Unknown Error Description   MessageId:  {28F29FA5-18EF-4FE7-B6CC-E03F4E2AA26F} InstanceID: {C09E16A5-11AB-46AF-980A-7826772EEF0B} Background We moved code to a new target environment, where the Host-Instances didn’t match the source environment. We reconfigured some of the HostInstances to allow for a default 32-bit host instance, […]