Access denied \AppData\Local\Temp\PID###### does not appear to be a BizTalk Assembly

Access denied and/or Error: “C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Temp\BT\PID3724\BizTalkAssembly\….dll” does not appear to be a BizTalk assembly, and cannot be deployed to the Configuration database. If this assembly is referenced by other BizTalk assemblies, it needs to be installed into the global assembly cache (GAC) of each BizTalk server. In my case, our company has a specific way of […]

PowerShell to build AWS Lambda Zip for Upload

I’m not sure why I wrote this in PowerShell instead of Python, as I’m using to package-up a Python program for AWS Lambda. To deploy code to Lambda, you have to create a zip file to upload. I found in the past that the Powershell zip for some odd reason is not compatible with AWS […]