C# Routine to Format “Pretty Print” XML for BizTalk

I created the routine below based on a StackOverflow that gave me the idea. In BizTalk Orchestrations, we often email out error to a distribution list, and it’s a lot easier on the eye when the request and response XML messages are nicely formatted. “Pretty Print” is a term used by several utilities like XML […]

How to specify “Last Day of the Month” on Windows 2003 Task Scheduler?

Yes, sadly I’m still using Windows 2003 task scheduler. I needed to set up a job for the last day of the month. Some brilliant blog shows how to do it the DOS Command Prompt, something like this: <pre> schtasks /create /tn MonthlyExtractLD /sc MONTHLY /M * /mo LASTDAY /ru "xxx\yyyy" /rp zzzzz /tr "C:\program […]

BizTalk Orchestration Error: Root element is missing

Error: Root Element is Missing <pre>InstanceId: d1c2f87c-825b-4c6e-b01c-c93e50d63502 Shape name: msgABCDetail ShapeId: 33d0d3ac-ae45-408c-8224-f42725877a2b Exception thrown from: segment 4, progress 22 Inner exception: Root element is missing. </pre> Explanation 1 This error occurs in an orchestration, typically after you have run a map, and the map doesn’t create any output. It basically means your message or map […]

Why BizTalk will not consume your file in a Receive Location?

This is a “back to the basics” post with a list of reasons BizTalk might not be processing (consuming) your file that you have placed (dropped) in a directory associated with a Receive Location. 1. Are the Host Instances started? (Specifically the Host Instance associated with the Receive Location).  Be sure and refresh (F5 or […]

Schema TypeName Types and RootNode TypeName – collides

I was getting this error first “namespace attribute of an import must not match the real value”. I had a group schema, that had a repeating record of a second schema. That second schema did not have any Target Namespace, to match what a trading partner had given us. This StackOverflow article reminded me that […]