BizTalk Architect (Dallas) – Talks about past projects

This video gives an idea of some of the projects a BizTalk Architect are involved with. Neal Walters has worked in a number of industries, including: Oil and Gas, Mortgage, Banking, Manufacturing and Reverse Logistics, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Aviation/Airline Fueling, Student Loans and Non-Profits. Neal started with mainframes back in 1981 with Amerada Hess Corporation […]

Losing Database Insert in a BizTalk WCF-CustomBehavior when it fails

I have a C# trace routine, that writes data to a SQL Trace table. It’s kind of like my own Log4Net, and allows a unified trace between BizTalk, WebServices, and other types of progams. I had the interesting task the last month of writing a WCF Custom Behavior to make JSON work in BizTalk 2010. […]

Webservice gives 404 with SSL but works without

I have a “Website” in IIS. It had a virtual directory with SSL working. I added a second virtual directory for another external client. I’m using SOAP-UI to test. It works fine with normal http, but gives an http status of 404 when I use https. Example URL: I’ve looked at the IIS […]

Swapping BizTalk Map References

Issue/Scenario: I have a new application that I’m building. I have for example three projects, App.Common, App.In, and App.Out. We have a somewhat debatable policy of keeping one app separate from the others and almost no application cross-references (still on BizTalk 2010 – but in 2013 this is supposed alleviated, partially or in whole). I […]