Windows Powershell Wrapper Script for ImageMagick

In my previous blog, I talked about how to use ImageMagick to square a file. Now, in this blog I’m taking it one step further. I have a directory of photos from all over the internet, and I want to post them to a social media site. If the pictures are taller than 510 pixels, […]

Squaring Images with ImageMagick

It took me a while to find a good utility to square images and make them a certain size. The results come from this confusing documentation page for Image Magic. convert -define jpeg:size=510×510 Test1.jpg -thumbnail "510×510>" -background white -gravity center -extent "510×510" testResult.jpg Of course you change the sizes and the background color. The page […]

Amazon Alexa Skill – Various Size/Limitations

  I made this quick summary of some of the size and limitations and specs for developing Amazon Alexa Skill. Please contact me at Amazon Skill Developer (Dallas, Texas) if you need one developed. Max 8000 characters of speech when Alexa is speaking based on text. MP3 – must be bit rate 48kbps, sample rate […]