Biztalk Error starting Host-Instance: application failed to start side-by-side configuration is incorrect

Today, I recycled one of my host instances, and it didn’t start. Then I tried all of them, and several had issues. Finally, it dawned on me that I had changed the 64-bit config file: “c:Program Files (x86)Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010BTSNTSvc64.exe.config”. The 32-bit host-instances were all starting fine, because it uses a different config file […]

T-SQL Convert DateTime to String yyyy-mm-dd yyyymmdd and other common formats

— MSSQL Server string to date conversion – datetime string format sql server — MSSQL string to datetime conversion – convert char to date sql server SELECT convert(datetime, ‘Oct 23 2012 11:01AM’, 100) — mon dd yyyy hh:mmAM (or PM) SELECT convert(datetime, ‘Oct 23 2012 11:01AM’) — 2012-10-23 11:01:00.000 — Without century (yy) string date […]

SQL Server (T-SQL) find average size of a row

We have one table with about 120 columns in it. I was just curious what the average row size was, and found this slick solution: Use DBCC to find the “Average Size of a Row” Syntax: dbcc showcontig (‘your_table_name‘) with tableresults My tablename=’Transaction’, so substitute your tablename there. Example: dbcc showcontig (‘Transaction’) with tableresults Enlarged: […]

Example of a RegEx C# Parsing Function

Below is a code fragment I use to extract a matching string using RegEx (C# Regular Expression). I put it in a class library, and make it available to BizTalk Orchestrations, Pipeline, and Map Scripting functoids that might need to call it. <pre> //using System.Text.RegularExpressions;  <– put this above your class, put the method below in […]

Error: Failed to load Group xxxx.BizTalkMgmtDb] data providers (in BTSAdmin Console)

Error: Failed to load Group xxxx.BizTalkMgmtDb] data providers (in BTSAdmin Console) Solution: Verify SQL Server is available, if not, start-it. Screen shot below shows trying to connect to the SQL server; it might be on the same machine as BizTalk or it might be on another machine. The above error could also indicate a communication […]

Searching for UTF-8 or UTF-16 characters in a text file

Using the following Reg-Ex (Regular Expression) to find UTF-8 or UTF-16 characters in a text file; this should work with any editor that supports Reg-Ex, such as NotePad++ or Visual Studio. Be sure and check the “Regular Expression” option on the search, then type in the find string: [x80-xFF]