Error: “Object reference not set…” on BizTalk Map Compile

I was getting this strange error yesterday: Error map_X_to_Y.btm: error btm1023: Exception Caught: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Solution What I had done was copied a map from one project to another.  I had either not copied the schema, or I had copied the map to a different folder where […]

BizTalk/Powershell – Move .xml files to subdirectory

I recently showed a VBScript to Archive/Move xml files to a subfolder.  This is often needed when you have been archive or storing 1000s of XML files, and the the directory/folder is very slow to open due to the large number of files.  Now, we will do it in Powershell. Create the subfolders ahead of […]

Powershell – Verify if all disk-paths in a file exist

Business Problem/Scenario I had a .bat file with 50 lines or more, and many of them had disk paths. We were migrating this to production, so I did “replace all” commands to change all the paths to production SAN/Server names. But then, I knew some of the paths existed, and some didn’t. So I wanted […]