How to change date format in EDI segment GS (GS04)

In testing, my trading partner told me they were expecting 20150818 (date with century) in the following bold field. GS^SH^BTS-SENDER^RECEIVE-APP^150818^1212^2^T^00401~ The GS indicates this is the “GS Segment”, the fields are numbered GS01, GS02, GS03, GS04 etc… based on the separator character, which in this case is the Shift-6 carrot symbol. In BizTalk, this field […]

Exporting and Importing EDI Parties in BizTalk

Exporting and importing EDI Parties in BizTalk has a few challenges.  How do you migrate just one or two parties and agreements?  As BizTalk developers, we typically have to move bindings around 2 to 4 times, such as developer machine to DEV or TEST environment, then to UAT (User Acceptance Testing) or QA (Quality Assurnace) […]

BizTalk Error: EdiSend does not belong to the same application.. or its references

Sample of error: This was happening when I was exporting and importing bindings from a developer machine to our QA (Quality Assurance) environment. Looking back, the problem seems obvious, but it I lost over an hour chasing it down. So on my developer machine, I had a project reference from the application project to the […]