BizTalk SQL to XRef Send/Receive Ports to Orchestrations

Suppose you are at a new clients, and you want to see quickly all the orchestrations are bound to send and receive ports. Here’s some code to help you get started with that. <pre> select op.nvcName as 'OrchInternalPortName',        o.nvcName as 'OrchName',      'SendPort' as 'SendOrReceive',      sp.nvcName as 'PortName' from bts_orchestration_port op inner join […]

Error: ‘Newtonsoft.Json’ already has a dependency defined for ‘Microsoft.CSharp’

When running NUGET “install-package NEST” (or possibly any other that uses newtonsoft-json), get error: “‘Newtonsoft.Json’ already has a dependency defined for ‘Microsoft.CSharp’” In my case, I was at a client running Visual Studio 2013 and needed to upgrade the version of Nuget. Reference: In Visual Studio: Tools -> Extensions and Updates -> Updates tab -> Visual Studio […]