Remove Empty Nodes (Stripper)

What if you need to remove all the empty nodes in an XML document? It’ easy with this small subroutine. This might be useful to set fields to NULL when they have no value, especially when communicating between BizTalk and a WCF web service. You might often get serialization errors when, for example, a date/time field has an empty-string value. Better to pass no element to the web service (i.e. NULL) than a field with a bad value.

Action is Incorrect OR Message contains an invalid or expired security context token

Nasty error:
The message could not be processed. This is most likely because the action
is incorrect or because the message contains an invalid or expired security context token
or because there is a mismatch between bindings. The security context token
would be invalid if the service aborted the channel due to inactivity.
To prevent the service from aborting idle sessions prematurely
increase the Receive timeout on the service endpoint’s binding…

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