BTDF xmlpreprocess /s:: Argument expects a parameter

BTDF deploy on local machine in Visual Studio by using “Tools”, “Deployment Framework for BizTalk”, “Deploy BizTalk Solution” failed with the following error in XmlPreprocess.exe /s:: Argument expects a parameter What caused the error for me was that I in the SettingsFileGenerator.xml spreadsheet, I had renamed all the “Settings File Names” for each environment.  I […]

How to create Biztalk “Document SpecName”

Document namespace is a combination of name and assembly of the schema, separate by a comma (and a space). Step-1. To find this you need to go to BizTalk Admin console then navigate to the application where you have deployed your schema DLL. Click on the Schemas (in the tree structure on the left) to […]

What does custom property %property{jobType} or job[%property{jobType}] do to a Log4Net Filename?

Log4Net allows you to customize your output files with various parameters. For example: <pre> <conversionPattern value="%property{logLocation}\Logs\MyProgram.log.%date{yyyyMMdd-HHmm} processid[%processid]  job[%property{jobType}].txt" /> </pre> It will show something like “job[LoadJob]” or “job[Whatever] based on your custom property called “jobType”. This is a custom property which is set as follows. <pre> GlobalContext.Properties["jobType"] = currentProcessorType;  // or some literal value </pre>

BizTalk Import Bindings Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

When importing bindings into an application, you might get this error: Failed to update binding information (mscorlib): Additional Information BizTalk Import Bindings Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (Microsoft.BizTalk.ExplorerOM) While there maybe multiple reasons for this error, here’s the one I found. The map I was referencing in a Receive […]

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