Using BizTalk Poweshell Extensions to List/Start/Stop SendPorts, ReceivePorts…

Here are some samples you can use to list, start/stop, enable/disable, enlist/unenlist and so on your Send Ports, Receive Ports, and Recieve Locations. Note the path hierarchy. You must specify you application name. I’m using “BizTalk EDI Application” since anyone with EDI installed will have the same results. Sample Script cls Add-PSSnapIn -Name BiztalkFactory.PowerShell.Extensions  #NOTE: Must […]

List/Start/Stop Host Instances with Biztalk Powershell Extensions

When dealing with Host Instances, you must specify the fully-qualified name, or use a couple of tricks I show in this blog. I’ve been setting up some pre-canned scripts that I can just open when needed, and that have already been tested. Today I was looking at listing, starting, and stopping BizTalk Host Instances. Powershell […]