How to know what version of BizTalk you’re running (with Powershell)

Sometimes you ask yourself what version of BizTalk is running on a certain server. Maybe you’re a consultant or employee stepping into a new job/contract and you are trying to get the lay of the land. Or maybe you have some old servers that are not documented. The following script will answer that question. Might […]

How to force a full backup with BizTalk

BizTalk has a schedule job that does incremental backups, usually every 15 minutes. But what if you want to do a full backup immediate? Run this command in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS): USE BizTalkMgmtDb EXEC sp_ForceFullBackup Then manually start the SQL agent job “Backup BizTalk Server (BizTalkMgmtDb)” (or wait until the next scheduled 15 […]

Biztalk Error: The Encryption Certificate has not been configured

Full error looks something like this: Send Port: “sp_Vendor_Vendor_FilesToSendToAS2” URI: “” Reason: The Encryption Certificate has not been configured for AS2 party. AS2-From: YourAS2ID AS2-To: VendorAS2ID Solution: Open the send port, click the “Certificate” item on the left. Then click the “Browse” button under the certificate, and select the certificate that applies to your vendor. […]

Powershell Script to Backup All BizTalk Applications (Bindings and MSIs)

test This script can be scheduled to create a nightly backup of all the bindings and MSIs for all the applications in BizTalk. It uses the Powershell Extensions for BizTalk to enumerate the application names, then calls BTSTask once for the bindings, and once for the MSI. It gives you the ability to customize your […]

Powershell Oracle DataReader and DataAdapter with HTML/Email

The purpose of this example is to demonstrate two ways to process Oracle data with a SQL query. First is by using the DataReader (streaming) and the second is by using the DataAdapter (fills an object in memory). Then as a bonus, we convert that data to HTML and email it. For an example of […]

Check if BizTalk Application Exists (with Powershell Extensions)

I’m writing a custom deploy solution for BizTalk. If the application doesn’t exist, I need to call “BTSTask AddApp” to add it. Sample: Add-PSSnapIn -Name BiztalkFactory.PowerShell.Extensions function checkApplicationExists ($appName) {     cd "Biztalk:\Applications"     $apps = Get-ChildItem     $boolFoundMatch = $false     foreach ($app in $apps)       {          Write-Host "  Testing $($app.Name) "          if ($app.Name -eq $appname)          { […]

Install Powershell Extensions for BizTalk 2013

PowerShell extensions allow you to interact with BizTalk Artificacts. For example, you can like list applications, sendports, receive ports, host instances, and enable/disable them in PowerShell. First run the InstallUtil <pre>C:\Windows\system32>c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\InstallUtil.exe "c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013\SDK\Utilities\PowerShell\BizTalkFactory.PowerShell.Extensions.dll"</pre> Output: Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Installation utility Version 4.7.2558.0 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Running a […]

Pretty-Print xml files and preserve original file date/time

The goal of this program is to: 1) Rename the file to include the PONum from inside the file 2) Pretty-Print (format) the XML inside the file 3) Preserve (keep) the original date/time of the file <pre> cls function Format-XMLDoc ([xml] $xml, $indent=3) {     $StringWriter = New-Object System.IO.StringWriter     $XmlWriter = New-Object System.XMl.XmlTextWriter $StringWriter     $xmlWriter.Formatting = […]

Powershell Rename Files in Directory based on File Contents

Requirements: I have some files from an external system, and I want to promote some data from inside the file to the file name itself. Example, original filename: PO_287783.xmlDesired filename: PO_287783_TransID_9081631_Lines_3.xml I want to peek into the file an pull out the Transaction ID, and also get a count of how many line items are […]