How to know what version of BizTalk you’re running (with Powershell)

Sometimes you ask yourself what version of BizTalk is running on a certain server. Maybe you’re a consultant or employee stepping into a new job/contract and you are trying to get the lay of the land. Or maybe you have some old servers that are not documented.

The following script will answer that question. Might save keystrokes of opeining Control Panel or RegEdit to find out.

See this page to get a list of all the BizTalk versions. Hope you don’t find anything older than BizTalk 2010!

#read the registry 
$item = Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\BizTalk Server\3.0"
Write-Host "Biztalk Internal Version: $($item.ProductVersion)"
$major,$minor, $x, $y = $item.ProductVersion.split('.') 
#Write-Host "$major $minor" 

# see 

$version = switch ($minor)
    13 {"2020"}  #assumed 
    12 {"2016"}
    11 {"2013/R2"}
    10 {"2013 (not R2)"}
    9 {"2010"} 
    8 {"2009"} 
    6 {"2006/R2"} 
    5 {"2006 (not R2)"} 
    0 {"2000-2004 Past Time to Upgrade! "} 

Write-Host "BizTalk Common Name: $version" 
Write-Host "Product Edition: $($item.ProductEdition)" 


Example Output:

Biztalk Internal Version:
BizTalk Common Name: 2013 (not R2)
Product Edition: Enterprise

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