Powershell Script to Backup All BizTalk Applications (Bindings and MSIs)


This script can be scheduled to create a nightly backup of all the bindings and MSIs for all the applications in BizTalk. It uses the Powershell Extensions for BizTalk to enumerate the application names, then calls BTSTask once for the bindings, and once for the MSI.

It gives you the ability to customize your backup folder names and files names. For example, if your application name is “ABC.Orders”, the backups are:

You could make changes to create a new folder for each set of backups, example: Backups_2019_05_17__09_10_21.

Another enhancement could be to zip the archives, or to purge archives over x days.

There is one trick. You may also want to backup the Parties. I’m currently on BizTalk 2013, and I know there are some improvements for supporting importing/exporting parties individually in 2016. Given that I’m on BT2013, I decided to backup the parties just once. So if the application name = “BizTalk EDI Application”, I add the parameter for the party backup, and they will be in that file. You could also create a dummy empty application and use it.


       Author: Neal Walters 
  Description: Backup BizTalk Applications (both Bindings and Application/MSIs) via Script 
         Date: May 2019 


Add-PSSnapIn -Name BiztalkFactory.PowerShell.Extensions
#This next line only needed when SQL server is not on same machine as BizTalk
New-PSDrive -Name BizTalk -Root BizTalk:\ -PsProvider BizTalk -Instance "YourSQLServer" -Database BizTalkMgmtDb

$exportFolder = "c:\Backup\BizTalk" 
$server = "YourSQLServer"
$database = "BizTalkMgmtDB"


$apps = Get-ChildItem -Path "Biztalk:\Applications"

foreach ($app in $apps) 
        Write-Host "===== Application: $($app.Name) ==== " 

        if ($app.Name -ne "BizTalk.System")   # avoid error trying to export this app 
            $fmtDateTime = $(get-date -f yyyy_MM_dd__HH_mm_ss)
            $bindingsDestFilename = "${exportFolder}\$($app.Name)_$fmtDateTime.xml" 
            $msiAppDestFilename = "${exportFolder}\$($app.Name)_$fmtDateTime.msi" 
            write-host $bindingsDestFilename 
            $allArgs = @("ExportBindings", "/Destination:$bindingsDestFilename",  "/ApplicationName:$($app.Name)",
                "/Server:$server", "/Database:$database") 
            if ($app.Name -eq "BizTalk EDI Application") 
               #just backup the parties one time with this one app 
               $allArgs += "/GlobalParties"

            write-host "Args=$allArgs"
            & "c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013\BTSTask.exe" $allArgs

            $allArgs = @("ExportApp", "/Package:$msiAppDestFilename",  "/ApplicationName:$($app.Name)",
                "/Server:$server", "/Database:$database") 
            write-host "Args=$allArgs"
            & "c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013\BTSTask.exe" $allArgs



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