Ideas for How to Diagram BizTalk Process Flows

It’s long been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I think it’s necessary to have a few diagrams to show the BizTalk flow of any application. I’m not happy with UML, because they don’t show the many aspects of BizTalk.  I’ve walked into companies before that had no diagram, and the first […]

Example of Xpath Count in BizTalk (and how to check empty/missing data)

One way to check for missing data is to do an xpath count. The two-step approach (put the xpath in a variable first). Some might find this code cleaner, but you use a variable. Note that you have to use the conversion statement to convert the string result of the xpath to a number, if […]

BizTalk Error: An xpath expression must be of the form …

If you get the error “An xpath expression must be of the form …” (in an expression shape of a BizTalk orchestration), here’s one possible solution. I was using a multi-part message, so instead of msgCreateSPServiceOrderAckResp, I had had to specify msgCreateSPServiceOrderAckResp.parameters. The compiler just shows the error “The expression that you have entered is […]