Passing Custom WCF Soap Headers from BizTalk

How to Pass Custom WCF Soap Headers from BizTalk using WCF.OutboundCustomHeaders I needed to call a WCF webservice from BizTalk that required three SOAP fields. In addition to Username and Password (standard), they had one custom field called ApplicationID. Code in Message Assignment Shape xmlDocSoapHeader.LoadXml( "<headers>" + " <Username>" + strSOAPUserFromSSO + "</Username>" + " […]

BizTalk: Errors exist for one or more children

The error “Errors exist for one or more children” can often be tricky to uncover. Usually, when I get this error, I double click on it, and an orchestration shape will be slightly highlighted or bolder than normal, and it will have a red exclamation point on it. You then open it, look for a […]

Setting up GoDaddy to work with Amazon AWS EC2

Here are the steps I used to setup GoDaddy to use my Amazon EC2 Instance (running Windows 2012 with IIS). I first tested with an old domain that I was no longer using called First I created a new “Elastic IP Address” and assigned it to my EC2 Instance.  After setting it up, it […]

BizTalk AllowUnrecognizedMessage – Cannot Locate Document Specification

Error to Solve “Cannot locate document specification because multiple schemas matched the message type” as shown in context here: There was a failure executing the response(receive) pipeline: “Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLReceive, Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35” Source: “XML disassembler” Send Port: “sp_someWebServiceSendPortName” URI: “http://MyServer/MyDir/MyService.svc.svc?wsdl” Reason: Cannot locate document specification because multiple schemas matched the message type “”. One Possible […]

Error: IDENTITY_INSERT is already ON for table. Cannot perform SET operation for table

T-SQL Error IDENTITY_INSERT is already ON for table schema.SomeTableName. Cannot perform SET operation for table Table Name. Solution At any time, only one table in a session can have the IDENTITY_INSERT property set to ON.  So when you try to set it ON for another table, without turning if off for the first table, this […]

How do SSL and Basic Auth on an Orchestration Published as a WCF WebService

In the BizTalk world, the person who publishes the orchestration usually creates a small client program to call the webservice and to test it. This is a good practice before going to another developer (either in your company or to a customer) and telling them the service is “working” when you haven’t even tested it […]

IIS8 – The binding “*:80′ is assigned to another site

One of the errors I had to overcome with IIS version 8 was: “IIS8 – The binding “*:80′ is assigned to another site “. I’m upgrading from a Windows 2003 server that I’ve had since about 2007 to Windows 2012/R2 hosted on Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud). I only run three sites on it at this […]

BizTalk Error: The document specification failed to load

Error: The document specification <ddlname.schemaName+SchemaRootNode> from assembly <etc…> failed to load.  Verify the schema for this document specification is deployed and is in the Global Assembly Cache. Solution 1: In our case, this happened when we ran a C# client tester program that called an orchestration published as a WCF service.  The Application Pool was […]

New Port Doesn’t Appear in WCF Publishing Wizard

I think most blogs talk about requiring that the PortType be “Public” instead of “Internal”.  However, today I learned that not only do you have to build (compile) the orchestration, you must also deploy it.  Even though I compiled, the new port was not appearing in the WCF Publishing Wizard.  I was getting desparate, finally […]

BizTalk Error: Unable to serialize web directory

When trying to export an MSI from BizTalk Admin Console for an application, I got this error: “Unable to serialize web directory… Verify the location exists and it is accessible” Example of error in BizTalk Admin Console   In my case, we had SharePoint on the same machine as BizTalk, and thus a coworker set […]