PowerShell to List Top X Most Recently Changed Files

Sometimes, you just want to know what programs or source code was most recently changed. The excludes below were set up to work with BizTalk source directories. I was only wanting to see files changed by a person, so change the -Exclude list as needed. cls $sourceCodeDirectory = "D:\Source" $numberOfFilesToRetrieve = 50 $latestFiles = (Get-ChildItem […]

1603 on BizTalk Application MSI Install

Running a BizTalk MSI, on a second BizTalk server, gave this error: There is a problem with this Windows Installer. A program run as oart of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. I checked the Windows Application Event Log and found the 1603 number. In my case, […]

PowerShell: Find files within x seconds of each other, possible duplicates

This PowerShell script finds two files last-updated (or created) within x seconds of each other. You can specify the max difference in time with the variable “$maxDifferenceInSeconds”. With a few changes you could make this program work with minutes, hours or days. In our scenarios, we receive files from a vendor or another application. Sometimes, […]

BizTalk SQL Queries – Orchestrations/SendPorts either way

I’m adding to my collection of SQL queries that run against the BizTalk database. The first query below goes from Orchestration to Send Port. If the orchestration uses Direct Binding, it will have a logical Orchestration PortName, but no bindings to a SendPort. The second query goes from SendPort to Orchestration. I’d love to show […]

How to Set URL and Authorization Token in BizTalk Dynamic REST Post

Here are some samples that might be useful if you need to dynamically send a REST “POST” message. Of course, in the real world, the token and the URL would probably be some type of configuration variable. YourMsgRequestName(WCF.HttpHeaders) =         "Accept: application/json" +         "\r\n" +         "Content-Type: application/json " +         "\r\n" +         "X-AUTH-TOKEN: yourSecretAuthTokenHere" ; // Add […]

How to put password in BizTalk WCF-SQL Binding (Error: Value cannot be null)

Error When you try to manually set the SQL password on a WCF SQL port in a binding file, you might get tthis error: Error Description: System.ArgumentNulLException: Value cannot be null. Parameter Name: Password Solution The scenario is typically that you export a binding file from BizTalk. The exported file will never contain the actual […]

BizTalk – Send Dynamic File from Orchestration

Suppose you have StartMsg and you want to send it to a dynamic disk path. I would build another new message called StartMsgDyn. If you want to use a GUID to make the file unique, as I do in my example code below, then create an orchestration variable called “GuidVar” of type of .NET Class […]

Access denied \AppData\Local\Temp\PID###### does not appear to be a BizTalk Assembly

Access denied and/or Error: “C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Temp\BT\PID3724\BizTalkAssembly\….dll” does not appear to be a BizTalk assembly, and cannot be deployed to the Configuration database. If this assembly is referenced by other BizTalk assemblies, it needs to be installed into the global assembly cache (GAC) of each BizTalk server. In my case, our company has a specific way of […]

PowerShell to build AWS Lambda Zip for Upload

I’m not sure why I wrote this in PowerShell instead of Python, as I’m using to package-up a Python program for AWS Lambda. To deploy code to Lambda, you have to create a zip file to upload. I found in the past that the Powershell zip for some odd reason is not compatible with AWS […]