BAM Issues in BizTalk 2016

I have documented some of the questions/issues in this BAM issues post in StackOverflow. BAM Activity shows BAM.xla “variable not defined” Error in Excel on lvwTraces I found the solution for this in this blog: “BAM ‘variable not defined” Error in Excel“.  But for some reason, that blog doesn’t come up at the top of […]

Quick Shortcut Links to Microsoft BizTalk MSDN Community Forums

It seems to me that Microsoft hides the links to these forums.  You can find them on the Microsoft site, but they are buried under a drop-down list with about 100 other forums. You can ask questions and get answers in the forums below on the MSDN site (  You can also get good answers […]

How specify the “ZZ” identifier in ISA header for a BizTalk EDI Trading Partner

Suppose you need to create an EDI file with the ISA header that looks like this: ISA*00*1111111111*00*1111111111*ZZ*ABCDEFGPLUMBING*ZZ*SUPERCOMP You need put “ZZ” in the ISA05 field, and “ABCDEFGPLUMBING” in the ISA06 field. How do you do that in BizTalk? In the Trading Partner Management (TPM) of the BizTalk Admin Console, when you set up a “party”, […]

Installing and Demoing Cassandra on Windows – Lessons Learned

  I must admit, I didn’t know about Cassandra, other than perhaps a demo of Cassandra and/or MongoDB at a .NET user meeting.  So I decided it was time to give it a try. Download the tar  This gave me a file called apache-cassandra-3.10-bin.tar.gz on my download folder.  I then created a c:\apache-cassandra-3.10 folder, and unpacked […]

Questions/Answers about Where to Take AWS (Amazon Web Service) Exams

I’m still thinking about whether I want to get AWS (Amazon”s cloud platform) certified.  But one question I had was about where I would have to go to take the exams. In the past I’ve taken exams, and familiar with testing centers like Sylvan (Prometric), Vue, and 2Test and others. Question: Are AWS exams online […]

BizTalk Part Time Consulting, Advice, Admin

Do you need some part time help with your BizTalk system? Hi, I’m Neal Walters from Irving Texas, a suburb of Dallas. I made this live stream video to introduce myself: I was a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and taught BizTalk over 15 times. Then I went into consulting, and I’ve been doing nothing but BizTalk […]

BizTalk 2016 Pre-Install and Setup Notes

I’m creating my own checklist of things to watch out for on a BizTalk install, beyond the basic BizTalk hardware/software prerequisites. Sites below are for BizTalk 2010 – but same applies for most any other release: – List of Active Domain (AD) groups and service accounts. I took this, put it in MS/Word and […]