BizTalk Part Time Consulting, Advice, Admin

Do you need some part time help with your BizTalk system?

Hi, I’m Neal Walters from Irving Texas, a suburb of Dallas. I made this live stream video to introduce myself:

I was a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and taught BizTalk over 15 times.
Then I went into consulting, and I’ve been doing nothing but BizTalk since 2004.

So that’s over 13 years of BizTalk.

I can also help or debug C#, WCF web service, or SQL issues, MSMQ.
and I also have experience with MQ-Series, AS2 and EDI, and over 20 years of mainframe.
These days, it’s usually no big deal to VPN into your system to do the work.

I can work with you on a GoToMeeting to troubleshoot issues, or I can help you architect and/or program your new solution.
You can do the work while I “look over your shoulder”, or I can do the work, and let you “look over my shoulder” if you want to learn, rather than just “get-er-done”. ¬†Sometimes, you just need someone to show you how to do something.

I can also do Admin work, or give you an analysis of your current system, and tell you what you need.

So, instead of going to a recruiter or a middle man, I invite you to work directly with me.

On this BizTalk YouTube Channel, you can see several hundred training videos that I did for BizTalk 2006 “back in the day”. ¬†I used to sell them, but now I decided to donate them to the public.

I’d love to chat with you and see your needs can be met. 214-455-8060.


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