Learn BizTalk

Methods to Learn BizTalk

There are three ways to learn BizTalk.

learn biztalk

  1. Buy a book, read it. This is a great way to learn BizTalk if you are on a bus, plane or train.
  2. Pay about $2500 to attend a class, plus up to an additional $2500 for travel expenses if the class is not in your town. You also have to be away from the office for 5 days during prime time hours to do this. The developer must often be “on-call” and support the existing systems while in the class, which can be a big distraction. Some people learn Biztalk this way, because they don’t have the discipline to read a book.
  3. Watch an expert trainer via BizTalk videos. This what we offer on this “Learn BizTalk” site. The videos can be watched as little or as much as possible. You can skip the stuff you know, and get to the meaty topics, the things that you want to learn.

Why Videos are the best way to learn BizTalk.

  1. You can rewind, and watch difficult parts over and over.
  2. You can skip the material you already know. There is nothing worse being in a live class, and having to sit through a day of learn BizTalktraining of material you already have mastered.
  3. You get the “big picture” by seeing everything done. Books usually have a few fixed screenshots, often leaving out big important gaps in the BizTalk Learning process.
  4. You even get to see the trainer make common mistakes, and correct them. This is rarely done in a book. Watching a real live person, and watching them overcome mistakes helps you to realize that mistakes are part of the learning process, and can be easily corrected.

If you want to learn BizTalk, please take a look at our sample BizTalk Tutorial.


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