BizTalk CSV – No Disassemble stage components can recognize the data.

Every case is unique, but here’s what happened to me. My goal was to receive a CSV file, and have it split into multiple output files in the Send Port. I did specify my CSV flat-file pipeline in my Receive Location’s Pipeline. I took over a project at a new client. And while re-writing the […]

error btm1021: Inline Script Error: Cannot implicitly convert type ‘string’ to ‘int’

I got this error from the following Scripting Functoid with inline C# script: <pre> public int PutHL03() {      if (hl01 > 2) return "I";      else if (hl01 == 1) return "S";      return "0"; } </pre> You can see it is returning string, but I specified the return type as “int”. Just changed […]

How to get Orchestration InstanceID (GUID) in BizTalk

The following is the generally document way fo doing this: System.Convert.ToString(Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.Service.RootService.InstanceId); However, sometimes, for no apparent reason, it won’t compile, or at least shows a “red dot” on the upper right corner of the expression shape, even though it is technically correct. Sometimes if you open it, and close it, or move it and move […]

BizTalk – Party – Sequence contains no elements

I deleted a BizTalk SendPort from the EDI agreement, but when trying to delete the same SendPort from the EDI Party, got the cryptic error: “Sequence contains no elements”. I had been doing a proof of concept with Role Links, and turned out that I still had the roles enlisted. I found that out when […]