BTDF Error with Project Reference

You get the following error when you do a BTDF deploy. Error: x does not belong to the same application as “Y” or its references. Full example of error    Information: Importing bindings "C:\Users\…\Projects\MyEDIProject\MyEDIProject.Deployment\PortBindings.xml" into application "MyEDIProject" in BizTalk configuration database (server="MyServer1", database="BizTalkMgmtDb")…   Error: Failed to update binding information.   "Microsoft.BizTalk.Edi.DefaultPipelines.EdiSend" could not be bound to […]

Powershell RegEx to parse EDI Files

NOTE: If have a newer blog that uses what is demonstrated in this blog to format and rename all EDI files in a disk directory The one thing I didn’t account for (yet), is the case where different files can have different EDI delimiters. Technically, you should look for the end of the ISA segment […]

How to Filter by Filename by Mask in BizTalk

Business Requirement: Only send an email to the credit department if the filename contains the word “EXPORT” and and ends with .txt. We cannot put *EXPORT*.txt in the Receive Location, because there are other files coming in with different patterns. Question: How would you do that in BizTalk? BizTalk has filters on the send ports. […]

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