Sample Debugging BizTalk Map – Field is not Mapping

I had a case today where I was mapping two fields N01 and N02 to two side by side fields in the output schema. N01 was working, and N02 wasn’t.  Both were under an condition that a certain variable MESSAGE_TYPE was equal to a certain value.  Yet one worked, the other didn’t?   How did I […]

Automating a Repetitive “Add-Resource” in BizTalk

In the past, I admit, I was a GAC’cer.  Yes, that means that I would run GACUTIL to deploy minor code changes to BizTalk Ochestrations. Where I currently work, that is not the best practice for several reasons.  One reason is that if you  create an MSI after doing the GAC, the MSI will not […]

VBScript to Start BizTalk Orchestrations

This blog contains a sample VBScript to start a BizTalk Orchestration The SDK (Software Development Kit) of BizTalk includes a sample to stop orchestrations. “c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010\SDK\Samples\Admin\WMI\Stop Orchestration\VBScript\StopOrch.vbs” I guess, since it is just a sample, they chose not to provide the opposite to “Start” orchestrations. I was having to deploy just […]

How to Upgrade an Orchestration to a New WebService

Today, I was tasked with upgrading an orchestration from calling one version of a web service (version 3), to a newer version 4. Fortunately, it was backward compatible, i.e. I didn’t have to remap any fields. However, the schema was renamed, as it actually had the version number in the web service name. So how […]