“AutoAudit” – CodePlex Free Utility to Build SQLServer Triggers

A few years ago I discovered a great utility called “Auto Audit” on CodePlex by Paul Nielson and John Sigouin. The best thing is that it creates triggers that audit insert, update, and deletes on any desired table. It creates a global audit table, and creates triggers specific to each of your tables.  It can […]

Using PowerShell to Harvest Data from a Web Page

Powershell can be useful for parsing or harvesting data from the web via means of the “Invoke-WebRequest”. Among other things, it can return a collection of links. The code below loads a page from Wikipedia and loops through the collection of links, looking for a certain pattern to find all the cities in a state. […]

Three Ways to Format Output of a PowerShell cmdlet

Today’s Powershell example is something that I know I will re-use, so I wanted to put it in a place where I could always find it, i.e. on my blog. The main purpose of this example is to show how to route output from a cmdlet to a formatted or “pretty” output, such as as […]

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