“Unknown Error Description” with Dynamic FTP


A message sent to adapter "BiztalkMessagingEngine" on send port "XX.FMA.Extract_1.0.0.0_XX.FMA.Extract.SendExtract_DynamicFTP_f136abb33540170c" with URI "" is suspended. 
 Error details: Unknown Error Description  
 MessageId:  {28F29FA5-18EF-4FE7-B6CC-E03F4E2AA26F}
 InstanceID: {C09E16A5-11AB-46AF-980A-7826772EEF0B}


We moved code to a new target environment, where the Host-Instances didn’t match the source environment. We reconfigured some of the HostInstances to allow for a default 32-bit host instance, then restarted the Host Instances.

Orchestration is being used to send files to a dynamic FTP. We store the FTP site, user, password in a SQL table to allow us send to many different FTP trading partners.


Unenlist and re-start the dynamic send port. Apparently restarting the Host Instances was not enough.

This is the site that helped me resolved it:


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