SQL command to list BizTalk send ports by application

I’ve been doing a lot of reverse engineering and studying of old systems as we migrate them to new releases of BizTalk. I find myself constantly using SQL command to narrow down the ports I’m interested in… By joining to the bts_sendport_transport table, we are able to show the address (for example, disk/file directory name, FTP address, SQL address, etc…)

Use BizTalkMgmtDb

select app.nvcName as Application, 
       sp.nvcName as SendPortName,
       nvcAddress as Address,
from bts_sendport sp 
   inner join bts_application app on sp.nApplicationID = app.nID 
   inner join bts_sendport_transport spt on spt.nSendPortID = sp.nID and spt.nTransportTypeId is not null 
where sp.nvcName like '%204%' 
order by app.nvcName, sp.nvcName 


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