SQL Command to List BizTalk Receive/Port Locations (and Addresses) by Application

The query below shows how to join the BizTalk Receive Port and Receive Location, along with the Application Name.

select app.nvcName,
       rp.nvcName as ReceivePort, 
       rl.Name as ReceiveLocation,
  from bts_receiveport rp 
inner join adm_ReceiveLocation rl on rl.ReceivePortId = rp.nID 
inner join bts_application app on rp.nApplicationID = app.nID 
--where InboundTransportURL like '%test%'
order by rl.Name 

Remember that in BizTalk, one receive port can have many receive locations.
Reasons for doing that is that each receive location can have a different disk directory, file mask, and/or different pipeline.

Mapping is done at the Receive Port level, so all Receive Locations will have the same mapping.

A SendPort is often subscribed to a ReceivePort. It is not possible to filter or subscribe to a ReceiveLocation.


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