Over time, I have found or developed several T-SQL (Transact-SQL) commands that you can run to help cross reference (XREF) various BizTalk entities. Most of these run against the BizTalkMgtmDB database.

Here is a list of them, so they are easy to find:

BizTalk SQL Queries

1. Simple list of Receive Ports and Receive Locations
2. Xref BizTalk Maps to Ports (Sends and Receive Ports)
and looks like I blogged this twice: SQL to find all BizTalk Maps on all Send and Receive Ports
3. BizTalk SQL to XRef Send/Receive Ports to Orchestrations
4. Find which Send Ports subscribe to which Receive Ports with SQL XREF query – based on RecivePortName= filters
5. XREF a BizTalk BTS.Operation back to the Orchestration Operation Name
6. Cross Reference BizTalk Receives bound to Orchestrations
7. Query and Join to show all BizTalk maps and map names (joining bt_MapSpec and bts_item)
8. SQL XRef BizTalk Pipelines to Sends/Receive Ports
9. XRef BizTalk Pipeline to Receive Locations

EDI SQL Queries

10. Xref SendPorts to BizTalk EDI Parties/Agreements
11. SQL to Lookup Parties based on Qualifier/Identifier (or list Party Names)
12. SQL to Retrieve BizTalk BatchingFilters for EDI Parties

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