Suppose you want to know what BizTalk Orchestrations are bound to a send port.
Perhaps you ran my query to list send ports related to a receive port.

NOTE: Still experimental code; haven’t verified much.

 rp.nvcName as 'ReceivePort',
 op.nvcName as 'OrchPort',
 o.nvcName as 'Orchestration'
 --pto.nvcName as 'PortTypeOperation',
 from bts_receiveport rp 
 inner join bts_orchestration_port_binding opb  on rp.nID = opb.nReceivePortID 
 inner join bts_orchestration_port op on op.nID = opb.nOrcPortId --and op.nPortTypeID in (1,9) -- recieve ports only  (9 = activating receive) 
 inner join bts_orchestration o on o.nID = op.nOrchestrationID  
--where rp.nvcName like '%ABC%' 

See also the query on this page to do similar by message type: