BizTalk Map XSLT Error: The ‘=’ character cannot be included in a name

Sample Code



MyMap.btm: error btm1023: Exception Caught: The ‘=’ character, hexadecimal value 0x3D, cannot be included in a name. Line 4, position 23.


This was a simple typo. I typed in “value-of-select=” instead of “value-of select=” (I erroneously included an extra dash between the “of” and the “select”). The parser saw the entire element name as “value-of-select=”, so of course, you cannot have an equal sign in an element name.


I was trying to merge data from two incoming messages in a BizTalk Map, using the XSLT technique described here:

Two things that I would like to add to that blog:

  1. You need to use an XSLT Template instead of just inline XSLT because you need to pass a parameter.
  2. When using the XSLT Template, you need to connect the Scripting Functoid to a field on the right side of the map; otherwise the Template will never get called.



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