BizTalk EDI Error – Number of included segments do not match


Error encountered during parsing. The X12 transaction set with id '0001' contained in functional group with id '850009661', in interchange with id '850009661', with sender id '9333516114     ', receiver id '956837686      ' is being suspended with following errors:
Error: 1 (Miscellaneous error)
  4: Number of included segments do not match


Below is an the last few lines of an EDI file in NotePad++. You can do replace ~ with ~\r\n to format to make it more readable (be sure and check the “Search Mode” to “Extended”.


The number after “SE” should be one less than the line it is on. In this case, I removed an MTX segment to test, but didn’t change segment count in the “SE” segment. So if you add or remove segments, you have to update this counter.


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