Error: No BizTalk Configuration database(s) found on server ‘(local)’

It’s a fairly common practice to change the Deploy Server from a specific machine name to “.” or “(local)”. I’m at a new client, where the security isn’t all set up properly. So when I changed the server name to “(local”) I got the error:

No BizTalk Configuration database(s) found on server ‘(local)’


Since I’m not the security “god” here, I have to wait until the “gods” answer my security prayer. (Please refer to other discussions as to what security is needed).

So what can I do in the meantime. Even when I switch back to the server name, it still gives that error because it cannot enumerate the databases on that SQLServer box.

I opened my project.btuser.proj file and typed it in the XML like so:


Close your solution, edit the file, simply put a value in the <pre><ConfigurationDatabase> tag </pre>, save it, then re-open your solution.



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