Setting up GoDaddy to work with Amazon AWS EC2

Here are the steps I used to setup GoDaddy to use my Amazon EC2 Instance (running Windows 2012 with IIS).

I first tested with an old domain that I was no longer using called

First I created a new “Elastic IP Address” and assigned it to my EC2 Instance.  After setting it up, it looked like this:



To get to the above, the steps are: 1) Click “Elastic IPS” on the left side of the EC2 dashboard, 2) Click Allocate New Address, and confirm that you really want to create a new one, 3) Click the select box to the left of it, then click the “Associate Address” button at the top.  From there, you get a screen like the one below, where you can select your instance name from a list of all your instances.  Note: The “Instance” textbox doesn’t look like a normal drop-down or combo-box, but when you click it, a list of your instances will appear below it.



The rest of the work is done in Godaddy.  Logon, and go to your domain. If your domain is not using GoDaddy as the DNS server, you might want to click “Setup Type” Standard, which means you will be able to setup the zone file in GoDaddy.  I think Amazon can also act as your DNS, but I haven’t tried that yet.  So earlier, I had GoDaddy posting to one of my shared hosted providers.  When I clicked the “standard” button below, that resets to GoDaddy, and a couple of “standard” GoDaddy Nameservers will automatically appear.  NOTE: There could be several GoDaddy Nameservers, yours may not be identical to mine.




Then on GoDaddy, click on the “DNS ZONE FILE” tab.  Below I’m showing their new interface, if you click you can go back to their “classic DNS Manager Interface”.   Make sure you have two rows here, one with the @ sign and one with the www as the host, then sets the “Points to” address to your Amazon AWS Elastic IP Address and then click the button to save your changes.   As with any time you change GoDaddy, you might have to wait 5 minutes to an hour (or more) for the changes to propogate, then you can test.




To test, I created a simple test.html page that just had <h1>Hello World</h1> in it. So I went to a browser and tested with http;//Discount-Protein/test1.html and made sure it was working.



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