Powershell to Export BizTalk Bindings for An Application

I’m starting to write a script to build my BizTalk Deployment Framework Binding (BTDF) files. I’m planning to substite the few things that are unique with the BTDF variables. So the first step is to automate the export of the binding file.

$appName = "Echo.BSSR.FrontEnd.LTLShipmentOut" 
$bindingsDirectory = "c:\Users\NWalters\AppData\Local\BizTalk\Binding Files"
$exportFilename = "$bindingsDirectory.\$appName.xml"

cd "Biztalk:\Applications"
$app = get-item $appName 
export-bindings $app $exportFilename


Assumes you have installed the Powershell Extensions for BizTalk and have the:
“Add-PSSnapin BiztalkFactory.Powershell.Extensions” set up in your startup script.


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