How to specify “Last Day of the Month” on Windows 2003 Task Scheduler?

Yes, sadly I’m still using Windows 2003 task scheduler. I needed to set up a job for the last day of the month. Some brilliant blog shows how to do it the DOS Command Prompt, something like this:

schtasks /create /tn MonthlyExtractLD /sc MONTHLY /M * /mo LASTDAY /ru "xxx\yyyy" /rp zzzzz /tr "C:\program files\if
s applications\data transformation services\DTS Executor.exe /JOB E:\MyDir\MyApp\Monthly_Extracts.XML"
SUCCESS: The scheduled task "MonthlyExtractLD" has successfully been created.

Note: I had to do a “Run as” to get the command prompt to even work and avoid an error stating that I had to specify a system name. I was using domain account, not local account.

Then when I went to the GUI version, it simply showed 31 as the day of the month. So, just guessing here, I could have saved all that tedious typing and trial and error of the DOS Command Line and just entered 31 in the GUI to start with… DUH!

Last Day of Month - Using WIndows 2003 Task Scheduler
Last Day of Month – Using WIndows 2003 Task Scheduler

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