Install CURL for Windows and Run CURL on Windows

First download the C+ distributable from Microsoft: Download 64

Download the CURL MSI from here:
Download CURL MSI

Install will default to this directory, and here is the curl.exe: “c:\Program Files\cURL\bin\curl.exe”.

You need to find the MSI. Many downloads of CURL will include the source code and it requires you to build it with C++ compilers and such. That’s more trouble than you usually need to go through when you just want to install and use the tool. Fortunately, the anonymous author at “” has been nice enough to create the MSI (Microsoft System Installer) files for CURL so that you can download it, install it, and be using it within minutes.

What is CURL?

A command line tool for getting or sending files using URL syntax.

How is CURL applicable to BizTalk or B2B Teams

B2B and BizTalk developers can use CURL to test websites, often of their trading partners. CURL can be run as part of a batch (.bat) or command (.cmd) file if you need to automate a test or schedule a download using Windows Task Scheduler.

Example Curl commands

Download the HTML of a page to your disk:

curl -o example.html


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