T-SQL – Search all Stored Procs, Triggers, Functions, and Views for Column Name

Here is some more forensic/investigative code. Suppose you need to make sure a value gets in a certain column, but you don’t know the system at all.
Maybe there is a trigger or stored proc that sets the column based on some other table/column. This code gives you a list of all the stored procedures, triggers, and functions (and even views) that use that column name (or any string field).

Create table #temp1 
(ServerName varchar(64), dbname varchar(64)
,spName varchar(128),ObjectType varchar(32), SearchString varchar(64))

Declare @dbid smallint, @dbname varchar(64), @longstr varchar(5000)
Declare @searhString VARCHAR(250)

set  @searhString='OpenDate'

declare db_cursor cursor for 
select dbid, [name] 
from master..sysdatabases
--where [name] not in ('master', 'model', 'msdb', 'tempdb', 'northwind', 'pubs')
where [name] in ('MyDatabase') 

open db_cursor
fetch next from db_cursor into @dbid, @dbname

while (@@fetch_status = 0)
    PRINT 'DB='+@dbname
    set @longstr = 'Use ' + @dbname + char(13) +        
        'insert into #temp1 ' + char(13) +  
        'SELECT @@ServerName,  ''' + @dbname + ''', Name 
        , case  when [Type]= ''P'' Then ''Procedure''
                when[Type]= ''V'' Then ''View''
                when [Type]=  ''TF'' Then ''Table-Valued Function'' 
                when [Type]=  ''FN'' Then ''Function'' 
                when [Type]=  ''TR'' Then ''Trigger'' 
                else [Type]/*''Others''*/
        , '''+ @searhString +''' FROM  [SYS].[SYSCOMMEnTS]
        JOIN  [SYS].objects ON ID = object_id
        WHERE TEXT LIKE ''%' + @searhString + '%'''

 exec (@longstr)
 fetch next from db_cursor into @dbid, @dbname

close db_cursor
deallocate db_cursor
select * from #temp1
Drop table #temp1

Code from: StackOverflow


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