BizTalk Orchestration Error: illegal escape ‘\I’

Two Issues with Variable Initial Values

When doing a build of a BizTalk Orchestration, I saw this error:

illegal escape '\I'
illegal escape '\C'
illegal escape '\D'

The issue was that I had an orchestration variable that had the following ”
“inital value” (in the properties window): “e:\Integration\Config\DL.TL2000.Shipment.config.
Just like in C#, changed to add the @ sign so that blackslash would not be an escape character.

Similar Common Issue

If you put the set the initial to a string such as ‘abc’, but you don’t put in quotes around, you will get these two error:

1) identifier 'abc' dos not exist in "OrchestrationName'; are you missing an assembly reference.
2) cannot find symbol 'abc' 


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