Select Error Occurred and other HIP Errors

When using HIP (CICS Host-Initiated-Processing) [part of Host Integration Services – or HIS] – you might get the error “Select Error Occurred”. This seemed to happen to me when I was trying to pass a null value back to the HIP (and therefore CICS). It seems to want to have all the fields set to some value other than null. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you the field that is causing the problem.

With other errors, sometimes you will get an Event Log message that is more helpful. For example, if CICS tries to send a number that is too large for the .NET type, you will get a message like this:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: HIP Service
Event Category: (7)
Event ID: 815
Date: 2/2/2010
Time: 1:00:29 PM
User: BUILTINAdministrators
(815) A Transaction Integrator flow control module is reporting a failure when converting client user data.
HIP Application: RCTGetReplacementCost

Error Description: (1507) The magnitude of a sending field exceeds that allowed for a receiving field in RqstEstimateNumber in GetReplacementCost.
The size of the number is too large to be placed into the resulting data type. Check for a client application error and correct. If the client application is correct consider modifying the data conversion mapping so that the parameter is converted to a data type capable of accepting the numeric value.

HRESULT: 80020009

An error has occurred when converting input user data.
Verify that the client program is sending the correct data and that the correct HIP mappings have been administered. Make sure that the Transaction Integrator service has been properly deployed and administered and that the HIP runtime environment has been installed on the system on which the failure occurred. If the problem persists contact Microsoft support.

This can happen if COBOL has for example PIC S9(10), and .NET has an integer. Entering 1111111111 in the number “fits”, but entering 2222222222 does not.

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