Restart Certain Receive Location with BizTalk Provider for Powershell

We have a custom Rabbit-MQ adapter that has a few issues. When we restart the host-instances, the adapter may get “stuck” unless we restart the associated receive locations. So, I wrote a Powershell to restart all RabbitMQ receive locations that are currently enabled.

# Restart All RabbitMQ Receive Locations that are currently enabled 
$showDate = Get-Date -DisplayHint Date
Write-Host "Started at $showDate" 

##Add-PSSnapIn -Name BiztalkFactory.PowerShell.Extensions  #NOTE: Must be in 32-bit version of Powershellto use this SnapIn
#cd "Biztalk:\Applications\<All Artifacts>\Receive Locations"
cd "Biztalk:\Applications"
$apps = get-childitem 
# $apps = @("Echo.BSSR.Surface.LTLShipmentOut204")   # use this to limit to a list/array of specific Apps 
foreach ($app in $apps) 
    Write-Host "APP=$($app.Name)" 
    cd "Biztalk:\Applications\$($app.Name)\Receive Locations" 
    $rcvlocs = get-childitem  
    foreach ($rcvloc in $rcvlocs) 
      if ($rcvloc.Address.Contains("rabbit")) 
              Write-Host "   $($rcvloc.Name) Enabled=$($rcvLoc.Enable) " 
              if ($rcvloc.Enable -eq $TRUE)   #only restart receive locations that are started 
                 Disable-ReceiveLocation $rcvloc.Name 
                 Enable-ReceiveLocation $rcvloc.Name 
                 #Write-Host "       Restarted $($rcvloc.Name)" 
                 Write-Host "       Restarted " 


$showDate = Get-Date -DisplayHint Date
Write-Host "Completed at $showDate" 

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