Powershell Grid-View

get-service | where {$_.name -match "win"}

Normally displays like this:

Note how very long names can get cut off with the ellipses….

Did you know that Powershell has a “grid-view”, similar to SQL?

get-service | where {$_.name -match "win"} | out-gridview


If you pipe all get-service to the out-gridview, then you can see how you can even filter the data using the “GUI” mode.
Click “Add Crtieria”, then click the checkbox next the desired property name.


You can then enter a match/contains value for that property, and the grid instantly changes to show only the matching data:


Instead of filtering with the “contains” clause, you can click the word “contains”, and choose other methods of filtering.

I was truly amazed when I discovered this feature.




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