Intro to Oracle for SQLServer Developers and DBAs – Part 3

After finally getting the GUI “SQL Developer” tool installed, see earlier blog Intro to Oracle SQL for SQL Server Developers and DBAs, I one day noticed an Oracle Icon on my desktop, clicked it, and found the web interface for managing Oracle. I’ve seen in the trainings from Pluralsight that 12c has a much nicer web interface; but at least now I now there is for the 11g Express Edition (XE).

The URL on my machine is: I haven’t yet figured out what all the codes are. If I just put the browser prompts for userid/password (not on a web page) and then gets unauthorized. If just try then I get a valid web page, that wants me to logon to a workspace.

Major Screens in the Oracle Web Interface

Oracle 11g Web Interface – Home Screen


Oracle Web Interface – Storage


Oracle 11g XE Web Management – Sessions



 Oracle 11g XE Web Interface РParameters



This is what happened when I tried just the URL: