Error that I had to solve today

The Messaging Engine failed while executing the inbound map for the message coming from source 
URL:"\\EDI1-FTP\Integrations\EDI1\ABCD\inbound\990\*.*" with the 
Message Type "http://MyComapny.Schemas.EDI.X12_00401.EDI990/v1.0#X12_00401_990". 
Details:"Loading property information list by namespace failed or property not found in the list. 
Verify that the schema is deployed properly. "

My Solution

I of course googled this, and there were various solutions, but none of them applied to me.

Here’s what happened where I work. A few weeks ago, some in our QA environment tried to move a schema or something from one Application to another. As that dangerous tool does, it will also bring along other things for the ride – if you are not very, very careful. He wasn’t! He asked our BizTalk Admin to fix things, and I was told it was fixed.

Then today, I got the above error. Took me almost all day to figure it out. I thought it was a problem with the EDI schema, as indicated; and redeployed it, cleaned-up the property schema, redeployed it again, but was still getting error.

I built a test receive/send port, and was able to figure out that I could drop a clean EDI XML file, or EDI formatted txt file, and it worked on the test port. So that seems to indicate no problem with promoting any fields in the EDI 990 schema.

So I kept racking my brain… What was different between the test receive/send and the real one. The only difference is that the real one used a map. So I temporarily removed the map from that receive port, and the message went on through to the next layer, and got an error there because of course it didn’t get mapped.

So with map it fails, without map it works! So I knew it was something to with the map. I checked the map for some basics, and it looked okay. Finally, I checked on the target schema. Turns out, it was one of the artifacts that got moved to the wrong BizTalk application. So the app I was testing had a reference to “Common.Schemas”; but the schema was not in “Misc.App”.

Unfortunately, I could use the “Move” artifact feature to just move the schema back. It again tried to gather too many other items to move. So I had to remove that schema, which involved 4 other apps that depended on it. I had to undeploy/redeploy them all! Then happy days!