Install CURL for Windows and Run CURL on Windows

First download the C+ distributable from Microsoft: Download 64 Download the CURL MSI from here: Download CURL MSI Install will default to this directory, and here is the curl.exe: “c:\Program Files\cURL\bin\curl.exe”. You need to find the MSI. Many downloads of CURL will include the source code and it requires you to build it with C++ […]

How to set the web.config to get WebService errors returned to the client

The issue is you are testing, and it’s hard to see the exceptions you are encountering. You don’t want to go read the IIS logs, and they might not have the full .net error anyway. 1) Set customErrors mode attribute to “Off” 2) Set serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults attribute to “true” Example of a webconfig below with […]