PowerShell Script to manage FTP/SFTP/OpenSSH log files

The script below began based on a script found in the OpenSSH GitHub forum. We had an OpenSSH log file that was about 550 MB in size. This made it hard to open in NotePad++ and difficult to find anything on a given date. Then we realized we have a similar issue (but not nearly […]

PowerShell to Split a Huge File into Smaller Files

Sometimes you have a huge large file. In my case, I encountered an OpenSSH log file that was 550 Megabytes. I will put some process in place so that it doesn’t grow so large. It contains four months of data with full debugging turned on. In such a large file, it is hard to find […]

PowerShell to MQSeries (WebSphereMQ)

I just found this sample in my archive, so decided to post it: <pre> # This demonstrates very basic MQ functionality (to a remote machine) using PowerShell # Neal Walters – 10/30/2013 Add-PSSnapin IBM.PowerShell.WebSphereMQ $qmconns = @() $qmconns += New-WMQQmgrConnDef -Name YOURNAME-HostName -Channel YOURR.SvcChannel -Port 1415 $qmgrs = Get-WMQQueueManager -Connections $qmconns if ($qmgrs -eq […]

BizTalk 2016 – WCF-Custom Transport: Unrecognized attribute ‘ApplicationName’

I got the same error as the one in this blog: http://brucetank.blogspot.com/2017/10/biztalk-2016-wcf-custom-transport.html System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Unrecognized attribute 'ApplicationName'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive. The difference is that I got it run-time, where in the blog above, he got it at the time of importing the bindings. I was afraid that maybe the Cumulative Updates (CUs) were […]

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